Bonkers Slots

The Bonkers Slots is a slot machine game that is quite classic because it is so simple, but it still remains one of the favorites for so many that come into the online casino for a good time and to win some cash. With the easiest way to line up the symbols and cash out on what they bring to the table, you will be able to put the cash in your pocket that you need and want. With the right symbols, this might be your next favorite game to play when the time comes. Everyone is welcome to come out and see for yourself what they have to offer. Don't get lost in the way that other games promise you more, Bonkers Slots can offer just as much.

Bonkers is Made by Real Time Gaming

Though RTG is known for their video slots, high action, fun times, crazy extras and great graphics, the Bonkers Slots is one of their games, too. With a classic appeal, you don't have to worry about lag getting a hold of you or anything else for that matter. With not much to the game, you can know that your winnings are going to be clear when you land on them and that the pictures are going to be even better. This is a great time to find out for yourself what RTG has to offer you.

Those Symbols Have What it Takes to Win

When you're lining up the symbols and going a little bonkers, then you need to make sure that they have everything that you need to do this. This means being able to actually benefit from the extras that they are bringing to the table. You want to be able to line up the right ones. With just the Bars, Sevens, Bonkers symbols, there is not much to keep in mind while playing the game. The Bars and Bonkers have different numbers of words that are put on the screen, but they are words to keep in mind when you're lining them up.

Of course, the Sevens are going to pay out the most when you land on them, so try as you will land them on the 3 reels so you can get a bit more in your player account. Even though the game is Bonkers, their symbol is not the one that is going to pay out the most, so this is definitely something to keep in mind when you want to play the game.

The more you play, the better things are going to be. This is just a classic slot machine that has the traditional appeal that you can expect from one. Due to this, there is no extra games or bonus rounds that are being offered to those that want to keep the fun happening. You can keep playing to see if you land on the winning combo, but even then, there is no jackpot or progressive pot to win when you land on the right symbols. Now is the time to see if you are ready to play big. The more you bet, the more you're going to win. With a max bet of $15, you can cash out on the extras.