Eagle Shadow Fist Slots

Jackie Chan is the man and when it comes to finding him on slot machines, you are in luck. He is on many of them and they are just as fun as the next. When you are throwing those Eagle Fists then you know you are taking some time to have some fun, because this is modeled after many of the movies that he has done. The best part is that they allow you to play for free or for cash depending on where you are from and if you just wanted to try out the slots before having to put some cash down on the board to play. Earn some money when the time comes to spin the reels and see where they take you with this video, progressive jackpot slot machine that has 5 reels and 25 paylines.

Jackie Chan Made by RTG Software

When you're playing the slot machine, you will notice that it is quality made. You will be able to get the most from the symbols that come around the board, but also the benefit of being able to play on a high-quality quality software company's game that cares about those that come to play with them. With no lag and clear pictures throughout, you can spin the reels and see where they bring you when it comes to winning some cash and getting more from Jackie Chan, the man.

Lining up Jackie's Symbols During Game Play

When it comes to Jackie and the symbols that you can line up in this game, you can be aware of the classic card symbols that come around the board because these are symbols that do not pay out as high as the other themed symbols. These are ones that pay out a small amount but you have to line them up just right. In order to get the themed ones to pay out, then you have to consider lining them up just right.

There are specialized themed symbols on the board that are the Eagle Shadow Fist Movie Stars that come around the board. These are the ones that stand out the most. These are the ones that pay out the most, and also open up the free spins feature that the game has. Even though it is not going to double or triple your earnings when it comes to playing the game, you still want to try your luck with building the amount in your player account using the free spins that don't cost you a thing but can win you some big bucks.

How Many Bonuses Can You See?

The bonuses that are out there are ones that you want to consider adding to your account. This means being able to easily add in some extra spins when you need them. There is a free spins bonus, so when the time comes to add these up, all you have to do is get three or more of the bonus symbols on the board and you are able to cash in on up to 20 free spins. This is something to think about when it comes down to choosing the bonuses that come along with the game.

When the time comes to cash in on the extras and more, you want to make sure that your bets are high. This is because while playing any of the slot machines out there, you need a higher bet amount in order to win a higher amount in pocket. If you're ready to put your money down on the table and win something more, then consider adding a $1 instead of the low, low amount of .01 that can be added. If this sounds like a good time, then now is the time to check into all that this slot machine offers and the enjoyable benefits that come along with it. Are you ready to play with Jackie Chan?

We know we are ready to play with him when it comes down to it. We are covered and ready to go.